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    264 Mile trip in 2 days on Lk. Superior - A few observations

    Went from Duluth, MN to Grand Marais, MN (And back) on Lake Superior with three other guys. We made the trip in 2 days, one up and one back.

    Water on Lake Superior was dead calm (With 1 foot swlls spaced about 50 feet apart) for all but 44 miles of the trip

    Two of them had 2000 Xp's
    One of them had on 04 GTX DI
    I had my 04' RXP

    In that 264 miles I used 52 gallons of gas, which makes it about 5 mpg. I was running between 5,000-6,000 rpms for 220 of the 264 miles, the other 44 miles I was running at 4,200+- as we were in following seas 2-3 feet high with rollers on top of that, I could not keep the ski hooked up and didn't want to hit the limiter 8 million times in that 44 miles

    Gas mileage comparisons between boats:

    XP's were the worst on fuel, at about 4 mpg
    GTX DI was by far the best on fuel, running almost 8 mpg
    RXP was in at 5 mpg

    With following seas, the XP's were by far the best boats. They seemed to slice through the waves(being much narrower boats), where my RXP and my buddies GTX hull bounced on top of the waves. The bigger boats took a beating, we could not run even close to the XP's in that type of wave conditions. I probably could have run close to them, but I did not want to put strain on the SC clutch 8 million times in that 44 miles.

    Gear storage for the trip:

    The guys on the XP's had to attach dry bags to the seat backs, and deal with the shock absorber the whole trip.

    RXP I strapped a dry bag on back with two bungies from the towing hook to the two hooks underneath, worked very well, and in the pounding seas the bag did not move around at all.

    The guy on the GTX was swimming in storage space with nothing exposed.

    Water temp was 66 degrees, a light 1 mil skin with liner was plenty to keep me warm. Wet suit socks while wearing tevas, proved to work very well.

    We had a ball on this trip, had all the right safety equipment, correct equipment to keep us warm but not too hot. With those 2-3 foot waves on part of the way back, my a$$ took a beating. By the end, it felt like I was a "fresh" prison inmate at Rikers island. My a$$ was raw as sushi. I need to come up with something for that so i do not have to experience that again.

    I will post some pictures of the scenery, it was breathtaking.

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    Great to hear that you had a great time! Looking forward to seeing the Pics!

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    Sounds like a cool trip. For long rides you could try some padded shorts like the ones mountain bikers use. They work pretty well. After a few good waves they may feel like a wet diaper though

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    sounds like fun, last summer I went on a trip like that down here in florida on a river, we rode 175 miles round trip , and I know about that gas expense, my rxp ate it as fast as I could pour it in, but it was worth it !

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    I just can't get over how well the XP's ran in the heavy stuff. I would have thought it would have been just the opposite.

    I rode the XP for the first time on this trip. I absolutely loved that ski. It is much more agile than mine, more fun to ride, frankly. In the end though, the throttle pull on the carbed XP on a long trip sucked though, and the acceleration of the RXP and comfort level in riding that far, I am glad I had my RXP.

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    IMO, the XP hull is the BEST PWC HULL EVER MADE! PERIOD!

    It really is a shame they retired the hull (except on the 3d's, but they don't count)

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