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    "WOW" could this happen to you?

    Rocked my world today Thats whats left of my $475 plate. Busted off @ 70, felt like I ran something over, but didn't.
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    Holy Crap!!! Hope you're alright. I wonder what would cause that to happen?

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    How'd it ride after that?

    Was it one of the thin as hell ones by chance?

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    Sorry that happened to you. Do you know, for fact, that the mounting surfaces were planar? If they weren't, that would certainly cause some stress when mounted to the hull. Also, what torque were you using on the bolts? I will definetely be checking my plate for stress cracks more often. Thanks for sharing this.

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    What was left on the other side did it tear the bolts out? or are the threads still there? Glad you came out of it ok

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    Always replace both sides at once. Just talked to Frank, He replace the right side factory brass inserts with the reinforcement one because they were loose. Did not replace the left side ones. He said the left side brass inserts the whole thread part pulled through the hull, That explains why it snapped on the other side it put all the pressure on the right side of the plate and snapped it. Thats why on the picture the right side of the ski the broken piece of the plate is still there, And the left side there is nothing just the hull showing. Always remember it is not worth just doing one side, He said he was in a hurry to get out on the water. If the one side was loose you know the other side is not any better. With the speeds that we are all turning i recommend that everyone replace there brass inserts on there pump shoe and ride plate with the reinforcement ones. For the little money that the reinforcement plates are it is well worth it. I like using the new 1300 factory ones.

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    Yes, what Jim said. My brass inserts pulled right out. The brass nuts were still in place, just the inserts pulled out. In between posts I went out to the garage and fixed everything, let the 5200 dry and I'll be ready for tomorrow. Thanks Jim.

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    so are you still cutting the plates if the person purchase the plate and sends it to you or are you just completely done? Sorry for hijacking the thread, just wondering what Jim is saying.
    And yes, I am glad you are okay and everything is back to par on your ski. Hope it works out well for you.

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    any speed gains in that?? Sorry - i had to ask.

    Glad your ok.

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    Sorry that happened to you.

    Are those the inserts that were in the ski sitting on the board? The one on the right is the after market R&D. I bought some of them and put a bolt in them to check the threads. It was so loose in the aluminum I threw them away and per Fercho's advise got the good inserts from Yamaha.

    My advise to anyone with the R&D inserts is to replace them with the upgraded stock ones. The upgraded stock are pretty cheap. I think around 15 dollars each.

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