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    Why GPR's can kill you...........pic is graphic

    Gang..........Here is my life as of Tuesday morning about 7 am. Lake was like glass, so I thought I'd hit the lake and try something new on Da' Judge. RPM's were marvelous, on board Speedo was at 138 mph (No kidding!!!!) thanks to Tommy Jordan and Tim Judge, and the GPS #'s were just PORN.

    I wanted more..........

    I went to FULL SUPERMAN position and it was heaven.......until I hit my own wake that came back off of the cement sea-wall I just had gone by......and now hit it on the return run. Guys.........what happened next was just a blur. There was not much ski in the water in the first place due to the top-speed applications now on Da-Judge......and when I hit that wake.....the ski came unhooked from the surface of the water......I was off the ski almost instantly.


    **Dislocated Pinky Finger
    **Stitches to sew the hole up on my right hand
    **Paralysis in my right arm
    **Xrays, CT Scan and MRI at two different hopitals for paralysis in arm
    **Visit to Nuero Surgeon for follow up next week
    **Black Right Eye
    **Bruised Left Knee
    **Bruised Jaw
    **Bruised Azz
    **Neck Trauma
    **Morphine Shot to calm me down in ER that made me throw up twice!! Nice.
    **And.....evidence that Tommy Jordan and Tim Judge are REALLY trying to kill me!!!!!

    Of everything that happened the paralysis in the right arm has me worried most. (At this point I have been typing for about 45 minutes for this post). Nuro Surgeon says MRI looks like I should recover......but he is making no guarantees. Took me 3 times to hit the right knob on the radio button yesterday......just no coordination yet back in my right arm. The ability to tear flesh that water has between 75-85 mph is is a pic of my could actually see about an inch down in my hand up close...........

    To all of those going 80+ and those that are Supermaning..........God Speed to one of you out there.....I will predict it now........we will have a fatality on this Forum in the next few years if this keeps up. At the end of my crash my head and right arm were through the same arm hole in my life-jacket as I was fighting to stay concious.........thank God I did.........Just so I can not Superman on these's not the 1,000 times you did it that will get you.......It will be the 1001st time when you least expect it. I do not want to see a fatality here...........we almost had one.

    I almost decided not to post anything.........but if this post can keep someone alive...........I feel better.

    Good to know everyone here and able to type to you all.

    Sincerest Regards.

    Tim Nussbaum (DMD)

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    Man that is wild. Good to see your still with us. That hole in your hand is nasty. Gest of luck on getting the paralysis cleared up!

    Be safe out there.

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    Take it easy Tim ... hope your better soon.
    I have said I'd rather fall on dirt than water ...
    its the thought of water pretty much stoping whatever half of your body cold and the rest still trying to move at the speed you fell off at...
    must have been a real stress to your body at that speed.

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    Glad you are OK Tim. Hopefully your injuries will heal completely. I have permenant nerve damage from injuries to my neck and back due to way too many endos on Dirtbikes, mountain bikes, downhill bikes, ect. There were a few close calls at MB II also. Safety has always been a concern of mine and should be the concern of everyone. Hopefully your prediction wont come true. exactly how fast is "porn" ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by WFO exactly how fast is "porn" ?

    Is that like jerk off fast or what?
    Just busting your balls.
    Glad to see your ok.

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    glad you made it out alive. It's posts like this that make me stop and think.

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    Lends a whole new meaning to getting banged.
    Hope everything works out OK. These machines have potential well beyond our track conditions. Get well soon.

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    glad your ok tim. glad you are able to still post, but Tim, come on.....

    there is no reason to keep holding out on speed numbers. seriously. Give speed, rpms, and what you did to get there. if not, your just gloating..


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    That's bad. We must all take more care.

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