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Thread: code 19 help

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    code 19 help

    I pulled the code on my GPR today it was code 19 incorrect battery voltage...It has a brand new odyssey battery and has already fried my stock battery can anyone help me with suggestions to find this problem??? THANKS

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    What does the voltage read on your display? If it's below 12 volts that is why you get the code. there is a check in the manual for the alt. It's most likely the rectifier.

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    i think it was 11.2 so yeah it's below 12....rectifier??? not sure what that is?

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    trouble analysis says try battery(new) battery leads,fuses,rectifier,lighting coil....i will look through the manual and see what/where these are but could this be causing my 60 RPM drop also?

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    check plug on rectifier have see problems there before(green stuff)

    later cd

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    plug on rectifier looks ok...checked fuses all are good...battery is new...must be the rectifier or lighting coil has gone bad possibly??? cables look ok....

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    I don't have the elctrical voltage tester so my friend is gonna take the rectifier off his ski and let me see if that fixes my problem....if so i guess i by a rectifier....also plugs where black i assume this could be from my electrical problem and causing lower RPM and for the ski to feel sluggish....i'm deffinatly not running rich...if anything before this problem i was a little lean...

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    most like the stator coil is fry if you need a regulators i have few new ones
    stators are very dificult to test so change the regulator first to narrow the problem
    if the problem is the stator be ready to pull the engine out

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    don't say that...pull the motor AGAIN! you just ruined my first father's day as a father in all seriousness though that is possible...keep your fingers crossed with me

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    is it possible I missassembled something in the stator coil??? it's hard to believe an 04 GPR with 25hrs. on it has a fried stator coil....

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