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    atmoshpheric pressure sensor question? HELP!

    has anyone else had problems with there atmospheric pressure sensor going off? is there a way to bypass or reset it? i pulled code's and got 01 witch is normal....can anyone help me with this thing?

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    What is it doing?

    What code is it storing?

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    It's sending code 01 wich is the code for normal but for some reason every time i go out riding the engine/power sensor goes off...pull the code get 01 normal....i don't know if i'm hurting anything by riding it after the idiot light goes off?? and also it's an annoying beep i'd like to get rid of by resetting it or bypassing it altogether...but if there is something wrong with it i need to fix it....

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    So it doesnt store a code...but a picture does show up ?

    If you have your manual, go to pg 7-53 and see which picture is flashing.

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    It's the check engine warning indicator that is flashing every time out....

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    you cant retrive the code if you stop the engine you have to get the code wen the ligth is on the stored code only can be retrive whit the computer

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    ski is running great....had bad battery but the new battery is charging and holding a charge anyone with anything i can check,wires,codes etc...i do not want to take it to the dealership...

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    wen the ski run how much voltage you see on the meter

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    voltage,meter??? what???

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    yes mesure the voltage on the batery wen the ski is runing and wend the ski is not runing
    admoferic presure sensor are real strong and they dont go bad
    get the code wen the alarm go on is the only way you will find the problem

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