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    call me cazy but... i want my GPR to be louder,,, anyone got any sensible ideas (other than take off the muffler)

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    TDR water box makes my 99GP sound like a jet boat. love the sound but my understanding is it diminishes performance. I have not put the stock one back on yet. I got it with this one installed so I have no first hand knowledge.

    my two cents


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    You can add the free flow (the aluminum pipe from R&D) and if that is not loud enough, you can then ride with the seat off and fix you a 2 x 4 with carpet to sit on back by the battery box. Should be lots of fun.

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    thats a good 1

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    Any other way to get a 1300r a different sound? Race filters, flame arrestors, anything that doesnt hinder performance like the free-flow?

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    anyone have any 'stock' pictures of the exhaust? I bought my pwc used, and its really loud =) i think its already got the tube.


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