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Thread: what to do?

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    what to do?

    I sent my impeller to island racing about a month ago. my idea was to go to island racing when my prop was done and have carl put heads on and water test it. this was about a month ago and i talked to him a week later and he said he had not gotten to my prop yet. since i have not been able to get in touch with him, iv left 2 messages and havent heard anything back. not tring to bad mouth island by any meens and i udnerstand he ios busy but i havent heard much form him over a month and the summer isnt gettign any longer. I dont want to give up because i think the 14/20 impeller is too much for the engine and defintely want to get heads and its not all running right so if like to get him to water test it and fix it for me. Is there someone within the same distance who isnt so busy that could help me out? thanks.

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    dont feel bad i,ve been waiting over three weeks

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    Iam sure he will respond, And you will be happy with the work

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