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    Driveshaft spline play

    Hey guys, I have the engine out of my GPR, and was checking the driveshaft coupler by rotating it left-right, etc, and noticed a LOT of movement before the prop would turn. Their is some up-down play, but i'm talking about rotating it left to right. Do the splines in the coupler shaft wear out on these boats? The prop shaft splines looked ok, but maybe their is wear that I can't see.

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    Take the intermediate shaft out and look at it. It has dowells and is held in place with three bolts.

    When you look at the splines they should have a small flat accross the top. If they look like sharks teeth you need to replace it. If it goes on you it will take your driveshaft with it. With everyone going for the pump extension you can find deals on used intermediate shaft assemblies.

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