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    WHY DOES THE.........

    Why does the #3 piston allways the one to go 1st? Everyone that has posted in the past about their ski blowing up, it was the #3 why?

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    I just blew my #2 piston up today...and I'm at mudbug and it's not even really started yet. So, I managed to get the cylinder honed and Kerry is bringing down a piston for me. So, wish me luck.

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    Sorry about your motor! But its amazing there are people out there that are so helpful!

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    Dude, anything that can go wrong with your ski will go wrong at MB. Happened to a few of us last year. Mine turned out to be only a stuck choke plate, but it had me sidelined the whole time.

    I'm heading out in the morning - see you there!

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    The # 3 cylinder goes most often due to the fact that torsional twist has the most effect on the PTO end. That leads to heat build up and few people actually jet or set their screws different on # 3. I've been taught to set # 3 1/8 to 1/4 richer on the high speed screws than the other two. Hope this helps but I am sure someone with alot more knowledge will chime as to why I am wrong. LOL

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    Thanks you guys, I have my #3 on the high side little more richer than 1&2.

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    2 big items.
    -The carbs are on the floor of the ski. That means as the water runs to the BACK of the ski, it hits the wall of the stringer splashes around, and then the coupler helps to mist the water. The back cylinder is the one that gets the most water, irregardless if it's a solid or a mist.

    -Torsional twist effects the GPR because of the timing being changed on that cylinder versus cylinder 1.

    On the Polaris Domestic Triple is was ALWAYS the front cylinder.
    -Natural case leak between the cases and stator cover (diff than Yami).
    -Timing more agressive on the front cylinder.

    Yami twins. (I seem to emember it was a bunch of twins)
    -Rear cylinder due to similar timing issues.

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    we ran into problems with rental ski (700 motors)crank would twist just a little and cause @ high rpm's rear crank seal leakage BUT on the tripple motors think Torsional twist(see group K )polaris ski's run more timing that most ski's

    later cd

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    1. Because of the change in timing (an extra degree or two) when ski gets loaded up again, reentering the water after the pump has been out for example. The rear cylinder should be a bit richer to help bring down the temp of the cylinder when this occurs.
    2. The rear crank seals also go, this causes a leak, which gives you a lean condition on the rear. The front crank seal also leaks, but they have the backup of the extra cover over the front which stops the massive leanout which the rear end cops.

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