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    1200r flywheel problem

    Began putting engine back together and i have ran into a problem. Assembled cases and crank turned smoothly. put on flywheel etc. and stator cover and crank seems to turn harder then smooth than harder in one revolution of cranK. What could be wrong? Or is this the magnets pulling on stator? Took off flywheel, bendix etc. reassembled and still turns the same. any suggestions? Would like to finish tommorow but dont want to go any further untill i figure this out. anyone ran into this problem before? crank turns sm oothly with stator cover off. I have assembled many 62t engines before and have never ran into this problem. this is my first 1200r engine project. any help would be appreciated.

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    its probaly the magnets on the flywheel....I wouldnt worry about it.

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    I agree, you are feeling the magnetic attraction of the magnets in the flywheel.

    Also check and make sure nothing is rubbing. Check for any wear marks on the inside flywheel; (magnets, stator, pickup ect.....)

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