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Thread: gpr first test

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    gpr first test

    Just finished assembling the 2000 Gpr Hull and finally got to test it out today.

    I used my Motor from my XLL Which has a Riva Rec head, Reed stuffers and rejet by carl.

    The hull has Un cut R&D Plate, Riva tabs , ppk and 1200 grate.

    I used my 14/20 that was pitched to 11/18 for my Xll just to see how well it would work.

    Unfortunately , my tiny tach broke so i dont have a good reading but it felt and sounded as if it was taching very high.

    The ski gps'd an average both ways of 67 but is still not dialed (carb wise), and did feel like it wanted to nose over a bit after a prolonged WOT run.

    Does this sound like the right ball park?

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    you need to get some rpm readings 11/18 doesn't seem to be enough pitch for your setup.

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    66.5 at 7280 rpm with a full tank. Which prop should i go with?

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    13/20 concord worked for me

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    the impeller you have is fine (pitch is a little low, but not that bad)

    I would suggest you continue working on refining things and when it is as good as it gets then get another impeller with a higher pitch

    for the 2nd impeller you might try a used Nujet 6.5 that has had the hub machined to set the impeller back (new these sold for $350, now you can find them for $100 to $150)

    you might find some ideas for your ski here

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    Just ordered 05 pump with the d/f from carl. What should i expect the difference to be ?

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    I have a 2001 that, with J-Plate, Solas 11/19 (Trued, Balanced & Race Finished), R&D 800 Grate, Riva Pro Series Sponsons (middle position), Waveeater stuff, R&D D-Plate & Chip, PPK and R&D HydroForce Nozzle, went 68.5mph @ 7200 rpm. Added 2005 pump stater, plastic wear ring, 85mm reduction nozzle, Jim cut and polished R&D Trim Tabs and 14/20 DF, went 72.2mph @ 6980rpm. All speed runs on the buzzer, with the bucket out.
    That oughta give you an idea of where you'll be at.

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