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    engine warning indicator

    after putting my motor back together my engine warning indicator is coming seems to be running more than question is when doing a self diagnosis on your ski do you have to have it on the hose or in running water?? i tried the self diagnosis and got no code will this mean my engine warning indicator will not go off again or how do i reset it??? thanks in advance for the help

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    I think you should try again, you should have at least got the 01 code that means all is good. Start engine, turn on hose, proceed to call back the codes, turn water off, rev then stop engine. If 01 code comes up go for a run, if warning does not come up, no worries. If warning comes up again then I suggest you go to an authorised dealer and have him run it on his computer diagnostic system. REXA.

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    yes the engine have to be runing and the warning indicator have to be on if you stop the engine you cant get the code untill the indicator came on again but the computer stored on the memory

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    by the way same times you have to try few times and more than 10 seconds

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    thanks guys got the 01 code so it's all good....

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