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    Got sk back today now lets see if the computer will.........

    Well got the ski back tody rember me the 261, 264 267 codes

    The sevice guys aid they cleard all the codes using the old program and the new one. The fuel injectors are fine, psi is good and all that jazz, the computer is all ready to go and this sould fix the problem (total of like 5 weeks with this problem. I did not have a chance to hit the water trying to get ready for the Lake Norman race in NC leaving tomorrow. He said they rand it on the hose for a few mi. and nothing came up and this shoudl be stright. I will find out after this weekend. If not back to the shop on Monday.

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    ouch 5 weeks i havent had mine for a week and an half and that hurt bad enough hopfully it runs just fine urs and mine

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    I have been riding the just not for the last 1 1/2. It has just been going back and forward to the shop

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