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    how do you remove the opas

    just ordered the block off kit and having a bit of trouble removing the opas? any hints?

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    The process is much easier if you remove the venturi first, but it's not 100% necessary.

    1. remove center linkage (attached to the steering cone), including the black plastic arms that attach to the pushrods.
    2. Remove small hex head bolt at top of each opas fin. This will allow you to just remove the fin to gain access to the bolts with a hex wrench.
    3. remove four bolts that hold each opas assembly in place. Pull assembly outward and unthread from pushrod.
    4. DO NOT REMOVE SMALL SCREW UNDERNEATH EACH ASSEMBLY. this holds the backing plate in place. If you remove it it will fall into the hull and it's a nighmare to get it back in place.
    5. Remove pushrod
    6. Remove rubber tube. If you can reach it from inside, go for it. If you can't, pull it out through the pump tunnel. It's a bitch either way, because it's siliconed in place from the inside.
    7. install opas block-off's as per instructions. Just remember to NEVER REMOVE THAT LITTLE SCREW. If it's a PPG block off with the large flat rubber gasket, you may need to punch a whole in the gasket to clear the screw. If it's a Riva kit that uses o-rings, they have machined clearance into the plate for it.

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    thanks alot, i was having trouble getting the shaft out and i was afraid to remove the bellows.

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