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    My little experience ends the towing debate for me.........

    To make a long story short, I switched skis with a buddy when we went up a river. Made it about 10 miles before he sucked in a rock on my RXP.

    Found a tow rope, and a he pulled me 10 miles down river. I presumed that he would go slow, but he hit the gas he got us going about 25 miles per hour.

    I could not get him to stop, and I thought to myself, well we will find out if you need to crimp off the hoses.

    After 10 miles at 25 miles per hour, we stopped at a beach to take a look at the ski to get the rock out. After yelling at him for 5 minutes about possible water ingestion, I checked the oil, which was fine, looked for the rock, it got ejected out the back somewhere in those 10 miles, went for a quick ride to determine how bad the impeller was (It was f'ing toast) and to circulate the oil, checked the oil again, and there was no water in the oil.

    I am convinced that this "crimping" of the hoses, is a joke, a left over from the 2 stroke days, and they just left it in the manual to sell more hose crimpers.

    I would have no issues in towing a 4 tec ski at all.........

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    Getting water in the oil isn't the primary concern when towing. When the ski's off, the tops system closes the crankcase vent sealing the system off. Usually the only time water would get in the oil is if you flipped the ski and left it running while flipped, which the tops system also protects you from.

    The big concern is the water in the exhaust. Towing the ski at high speeds presurizes the pump enough to circulate water through the intercooler and into the exhaust. Theroreticly (sp), you could push enough water into the exhast to fill up to the exhaust manafold and into one of the pistons (if an exhaust valve happens to be open). If you try to start it in this situation, you are likely to bend/break a rod.

    Your not supposed to tow at speed for the exact same reason your not supposed to let the flush hose run when the ski is not running.

    You got lucky this time, doesn't mean you will be next time.

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    Wish you were right Jeff, but many a 4 tec have already been damaged by towing without pinching off the hose.

    You got lucky!

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    I have always gotten lucky thankfully. I never pinched off the hose and my old RXP was towed MANY a times....I know it wasn't the right thing to do, but thankfully it always turned out ok.

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    If I remember the manual correctly, I think it says it's safe if you keep it below a specific speed. (I wanna say it's 15mph, but I'm not sure)

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    Yeah, it's something low like that...5 or 15 or there about....

    I should have clarified...once up on plane, we towed at WOT when on smooth water.

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