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    Only Tripple Pipes

    can turn a nice Sunday afternoon wash and wax into an 8 hour pipe removal and reinstall with a trip to home depot nightmare.

    This has been a publin service announcement.

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    what happened?

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    The bolt on the mag case bracket that holds the center pipe in place went MIA. I tried every way I could bend myself to reach back there but it wasn't going to happen. I had to pull the mag pipe and then I could not find the bolt and had to go buy a new one.

    I think it has been like that for a while cause I have had this metalic dust (that I thought was an exhaust leak at first) on the front of my engine for a little while that I could not find where it was coming from. I even pulled my MAG cylinder head to make sure that all my o-rings were ok. the Center pipe has been rubbing on the engine mount. It looks fine though. I do not think it rubbed through. I do not have a compressor so I can not pressure test it. I am not really sure if I want to know.....

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    you had an eventful evening. hope you get it fixed

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    Are you referring to the bolt on the bottom of the front cover for the center pipe?

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    I am not really sure if I want to know.....
    Oh, you want to know, and quickly. Pistons and cylinders are EXPENSIVE.

    You don't really need a compressor. Just one of those tire-filler-uper-thingee compressors works just fine, or a quarter in the corner store air compressor will do. You just need to pressurize them to 10psi... and can do it with them in the hull, and hooked up in place. It's just a matter of blocking off 2 lines, and using the third as your pressure source. The jet end of the line hangs free.

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    I do not have one of those air tanks either. I may go buy one down at Harbor freight today.

    I know about the pistons and cylinders being expensive. I had to replace my PTO cylinder and piston about a year ago. The PTO pipe was cracked.

    But it is back together and it runs.....on the shop cart....

    Yes, I am talking about the bracket on the bottom front of the engine. The bolt that goes through the lrod mount to hold the center pipe.

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