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Thread: Fx Sho Library

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    Link to solas impellers

    Hers is a link that has solas impellers listed for FZR/FZS as well as other yamaha's

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    Quote Originally Posted by allstar71 View Post
    thats a great idea...I will try and come up with something....see how much I remember from my web class...
    Quote Originally Posted by allstar71 View Post
    I am going to start the web design today...I bought hope to be up soon.
    thanks for the idea k447.
    I'm really bored...this is a good project for me. any input is appreciated.
    I am going to be using frontpage and dreamweaver 8 to build the page...
    Quote Originally Posted by allstar71 View Post
    Need pictures...titlebars, backgrounds, ect.
    Well, I must admit that I am using Google sites and URL redirection

    Google sites provides a free 100MB of web and storage space, and no HTML knowledge is needed. I am using about 7% of my 100MB.

    I was looking for something VERY simply to manage, as I hope to have others contribute to the content, and help maintain the lists and such. This is easy to invite others to become editors, and it even has change tracking and undo features.

    Google sites is built around the concept of a Wiki (Google bought JotSpot a while ago), and I am using only a small portion of the available capabilities.

    Not as powerful as a full-on web site, but also way less effort to create and maintain. And no hosting fees...

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    Great post. Now I can find any damn information I keep looking for and can never seem to find it.

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    I am still updating this items in green are additions that have been added after the first post.

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    Sprag clutch link doesnt work, and is there a link for a prop install?

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    maybe for an addition you could add a post that has a bunch of free/ easy mods like filling ride plate holes, etc.

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    any thoughts on the vx skis?

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    like what? I have heard they are reliable and very fuel efficient thats about all I know

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    Supercharger clutch

    he there,

    do anyone knows where can i get high performance supercharger clutch for my fx sho 09. please help.

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    I dont know of anything other than the OEM...

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