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Thread: Fx Sho Library

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitman View Post
    Here is a thread about the RIUS parts available and also some good pics of an XS intercooler install.
    rius added

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    It's not the destination, it's the journey!! Rip'nTear SHO's Avatar
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    Thx Allstar....great job

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    Thumbs up

    Allstar 71, Thanks for the great post , Getting all this information together in one place, Tommy Jordan

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    WOW! this is the best post ever. Good job David

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    Allstar, you rock!!! Nice work bra!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk View Post
    WOW! this is the best post ever. Good job David
    Quote Originally Posted by allstar71 View Post
    let me know if there are any additions/corrections that need to be made.
    I think you only have a week to make changes, then the post is no longer editable (by regular folks).

    As a work around, we created this page for the Polaris stuff.

    Much of it links right back to the Greenhulk forums and posts, but we can keep the links up-to-date, and make changes as we go along.

    BTW, good job on assembling and organizing all those links! It doesn't happen all by itself...

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    thats a great idea...I will try and come up with something....see how much I remember from my web class....I have no ski at the moment so without my hobby I am pulling my hair out looking for something to do...

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    I am going to start the web design today...I bought hope to be up soon. thanks for the idea k447. I'm really bored...this is a good project for me. any input is appreciated. I am going to be using frontpage and dreamweaver 8 to build the page. I dont know which one yet. wish me luck...

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    Need pictures...titlebars, backgrounds, ect.

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    Fantastic! Thank you!! My first post read since being away for months. It's going to be a good day/year!!!

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