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    Advent for GP1300R Triple Pipes

    I have GP1200R Triple Pipes

    Bore: Bored to 84mm “1300”
    Cranking compression: 130psi
    Fuel grade: 92 octanes
    Type of riding: recreational
    Carb: Stock 44mm “future 48mm”
    Reeds: Stock “future V-Force”
    Solas Dynafly 14/20
    Pump: High pressure pump whit spacer. The same configuration as new “GP1300R 05” Pump”
    Power Valve: Stock Servo with GP1300R Valves.
    Porting: Porting for midrange and top end and some extra work on the cylinders & crankcase porting for good bottom end.
    Water injection: Water is injected in each exhaust Pipe in high RPM for good bottom end “Jetworks mod”.

    I going to buy a Advent!!!
    What curve set would be best?
    What features has the ignition with 4 switch blocks???
    Where can I buy them???



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    Welcome Sam!

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    welcome to the Forum Sam

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    welcome to the forum first of all!!

    To better help answer you question, you may need to call Greg over at Advent and tell him exactly what you have told us. No one will know better than the actual manufactuer about what settings to run with what mods.

    There will probably be some Advent "savvy" people chime in here soon to give some helpful advice as well.

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