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    My 2 RXP's need HELP!

    OK both SC at PPG getting done rite. Both engines out and in bad shape. Yellow one center piston hitting head, piston instaled backwords at factory so valve relief not rite. Four bent valves. Ceramic washer crap every wair. Rear oil pump shaft broke off. Green one is a little better off. Will need crank turned and all new bearingsn rings etc. I think I'm better off with 2 new short blocks. If any one can help with wair I can get 2 new short blocks PLEASE let me know. THANKS!

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    Trade them in for the new SC kawi coming out.

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    Refresh my memory. What happened to these skis? Did they ingest ceramic clutch's, or did something go astray when you locked down the superchargers with metal washers?

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    this doesnt sound like any normal problem, what exactly did you do to these ski's??

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    Re: My 2 RXP's need HELP!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tube Master
    Yellow one center piston hitting head, piston instaled backwords at factory so valve relief not rite.
    Now that's F'd up! Is BRP not making this right? Or are they out of warranty? IMO, The yellow one should regardless of warranty status. That's a MAJOR f'up on the factory's part.

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    Tube, do you mind if I ask you what ecu you are running. around a year ago, I heard of a guy doing the same thing you did, locking down the sc . the interesting part is that his rev limiter was higher than 9000. I've been trying to get that info for a while and havn't had much luck as I would like to set my rev limiter at around 8700 instead of the 8500.
    he did have similar problems as you with the valves hitting the piston but later discovered that at over 9000, the valves started to float and lost a keeper which caused the valve to drop. (at least this is what I was told)
    now I'm wondering if the rev limiter thing is bs and he lost his valves because of a locked sc clutch. not sure how those two would be related but that's now twice I heard the same scenerio.
    are you sure they installed the pistons backwards. I would think that if clearance is an issue, it would have hit the valves the instant the engine turned over the first time.

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    Tube how many hours on the yellow one? I have to agree with 1120 you should have had issues from the begining.

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    He states that he had ceramic washer pieces every where.Sounds like these parts made it into oil pump and broke the shaft then the chain reaction started toasting the engine.

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    Was a 4-tec sc motor on ebay...but it sounds like you should just throw a 1050 in that thing for better luck...

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    I have a block cheap from a 2003 sc

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