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    something good for a change

    I just wanted to let you all know I traded some parts with a fourm menber named Mongoose! He is based in the U.K. I never met him before nor he met me. But this guy is a good guy to deal with just incase you get to deal with him he told me what he had and told me what he wanted to get a free flow tube for his gp1300r and the taxes kill him over there! So I got the part from Green Hulk witch was another great guy to deal with! I sent it with out knowing this guy and he sent my stuff to me and all in all it was a good deal for both partys involved. Just shows you these days there are still some good guys out there and I am glad to have met some of you. Keep up the good work all. Greg

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    good deal !

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    That's awsome!

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    That is the way its suppost to be.....honor and trust

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    I also have met some great people here Flying scotsman did me a great deal on an umi steering system he sent it out said if I don't like it send it back I like the honor system and people with integrity rare to find these days. I am really grateful to have been led to this site and to have pertinent questions answered with expertise and tried and true methods.

    Thanks Jerry for letting this be open to all

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    it is nice to deal with good people.

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    Thanks for the good words.
    Glad you trusted me.
    Also, it's good to know you liked my free gift.
    It also works the other way too. Thanks for posting the freeflow to me.
    I must say MOST folks on here seem to be honest.
    I will not allow myself to ever change, and become untrusting of anyone. It's then the bad guys would have won.
    Enjoy the bits.

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