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    I think we found the problem...surging part 2


    I was having this surging problem with my boat and thought that since I added the Advent I needed to jet up and it was a fuel issue. I jetted up and managed to get the boat to run better...but, still there is surging.

    I think Benny and I have come down to one of two possabilities...I wanted to check to make sure the crank wasn't bent and when we went to see that...with the plugs out I could hardly turn the motor. So, that being said...I removed the jetpump assembly to take that out of the equasion and it was still hard to turn (jet pump turns great).

    Now, I heard rumors that Advents sometimes take out Stators or something up by the flywheel...does this sound like one of those symptoms? I'm going to move the motor tomorrow and make sure the intermediate shaft bearings are locking up..but, I think it's going to be the stator.

    Because, the ski ran great until I put tha Advent in...and then when I went back to the stock CDI same problem....advice...are we on the right track...PLEASE SOMEONE CONFIRM THE PROBLEMS THAT A STATOR GOING BAD OR BURNT UP EXIBIT.

    Thanks all,

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    biotch cranks dont bend they twist could also be a spun bearing on the crank

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    sounds like a crank bearing..lets hope not

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    bent/twist...same difference...Mudbug is closing in and I may not have a engine to run.....

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