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    Running in saltwater

    Hi all, recently got an 05 RXP which will run mostly in saltwater. What I am wondering is what I need to do post use and possibly preuse.

    Besides running the hose to rinse the exhaust for a bit and rinsing the ski with fresh water, is there anything else I need to do after I ride?

    Also 'pre' ride should i do anything special for saltwater? Coat the battery terminals with some type of grease, coat anything else with grease\lubricant? If so what type of lube should I be using?

    Thanks for your help!

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    drench everything in the engine compartment with WD-40 after you're doing rinsing the ski..

    after riding do this...

    1. rinse/soap wash the whole ski down
    2. rinse out the engine compartment and open drain plugs... rinse everything, yes get the motor WET!
    3. flush the ski by turning the motor on FIRST, then turn on hose... let run 1-2 minute, turn off water FIRST, then turn off motor

    ***NEVER EVER EVER have the water running into the flush port without the motor running ***

    dry the ski, let the inside engine compartment air dry a bit.... then mist and spray and hit everything in the engine compartment with WD-40 or bombardier lube.

    thats it.

    i suggest a product called "Salt-Away"... it works wonders and helps. you can use salt-away to flush, to rinse, the hose out engine compartment, to do everything.

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    CRC Corrosion Inhibitor spray it everywhere on the motor, let it dry overnight.

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    I thought wd 40 was not good for rubber hoses, and that it loosens bolts and nuts ? I bought some stuff made just for salt water that you spray on the engine and it was like $3.99

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    I did an informal test of various corrosion preventive products a few years ago. I hammered bare steel nails into a piece of wood, leaving most of the nail exposed and spaced 12" apart. Then I coated or sprayed the nails with different products, leaving one nail bare metal. I sprayed ocean salt water on the nails and left them outside. To my surprise the steel nails coated with Silicone spray and WD-40 actually started to rust before the plain steel nail !! Nails with BoShield, CRC Corrosion Inhibitor, Marine waterproof grease, and plain old petroleum jelly (vaseline) did pretty well. Actually the Vaseline covered nail was the last to rust !!! Since then I hand apply petroleum jelly to every part of my PWC engines that I can reach. For the tight places I spray a product made to prevent salt damage to motorcycles called S100 Corrosion Protectant..the stuff is great!! In my opinion WD-40 and silicone are good to stop squeaks and that's about it !

    As for Salt Away...all it is is a soap based detergent. You can use any laundry detergent to flush out your engine (with the Salt away adopter) and get similiar results while saving a lot of $$


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    Seriously, DO NOT USE WD-40! It can and will damage some plastic and rubber parts!

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