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    Hydrotoys's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    Mesa, AZ
    Mesa Az
    General concepts and design.
    Assorted shop tools, Mig SST, upholstery staplers, and I think Joe said I had a medal from the Polish navy somewhere at the bottom of a pile in my garage.

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    Happily Self-Employed WFO's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    Houston, Texas
    WFO/ Richard Patterson
    Shop location Houston, Texas

    Servicing Texas and Louisiana
    Mobile repair and pick-up service available

    Specialize in Yamaha EFI 2 stroke

    Parts and Service on Models:
    Yamaha GPR and XLT 2 stroke
    Yamaha 4 stroke
    SeaDoo 4 stroke
    Kawasaki 4 stroke

    Full Mechanical repair
    Engine repair
    Fuel system repair
    Electrical repair
    Pump and Handling repair
    Machine Shop services
    High Performance upgrades
    Nitrous systems (2 stroke)
    Seat covers and traction mats
    Minor hull repair
    Trailer repair

    Parts and Service Dealer:
    Riva, R&D, Advent Ignitions, Jetworks, Hot Products, Lynn Vick, Crankworks, Speedwerks, Impros, Skat-trak, MotoTassinari, Powderlites, SBT, Amsoil, Klotz, Interstate Batteries, Millenium Technologies, HydroDynamics and Nitrox Systems, Cold Fusion Nitrous, Dynotune Nitrous, Firebottle Fire suppression systems, Kinsler Fuel Injection, Lowell Horning porting, WestCoast porting, Judge Motorsports, McClain Trailers, PolyDyn Performance coatings, Hydroturf, Jettrim

    Shop info:
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    jtskir15f's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    Dubuque, IA
    Illinois/ Upper Midwest
    Jordan Pape

    Kawasaki 4-Stroke
    General 4-Stroke Maintenance

    Pump Work/Rebuilds
    General Fabrication
    Kawasaki Impeller Tool
    Welder: you name the type, it i got it
    Plasma Cutter

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    800AMSOIL4U's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    Morgan Hill, CA
    Morgan Hill, CA

    2003 below Yamaha software and cables for the skis
    2008 below Polaris Digital Wrench software and cables

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    Sep 2008
    Greensboro N.C.
    Greensboro N.C. A.s.e cert. Auto master tech. For 8 yrs a.s.e. Truck tech. 15.yrs. Senior tech at large truck repair shop . Love the lord and jet skis!!!! If i can help let me know. LOVE 2 stroke engines. What gets your blood pumping... cranking the lawn mower or the CHAIN SAW!!!!!!

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    pjsc823's Avatar
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    May 2008
    Biloxi miss
    service la to panama city , florida

    performance jetski & cycle
    we can do anything , to any year,make,or model. Built all types of conversions from 951 blasters to gprxp. We are dealers with all the large and small companies.(parts unlimited,western power sports,riva,hot products,wiseco,etc.....). We have built pro race ski's to stockers. If you need any help pm or call me .

    Performance jetski & cycle
    1707 pass rd
    biloxi,ms 39531
    228 436 3061

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    ....back from the dead.... J-ME's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Northern Delaware and South Eastern Pennsylvania (Phila., Delco)

    Myself and my coworker, suckmywake are automotive prowertrain specialists by trade, but we also can handle just about anything in the Yamaha lineup of PWC. This includes maintenance, diagnostic, overhaul and performance work.

    We also can handle other makes and models of PWC, trailer repair, some welding and fabrication.

    If you have a need and are in the area, just PM one of us.

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    lugnut's Avatar
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    Jul 2006


    30 years industrial maint/blowmold concept engineer
    4 tec/2 stroke kawi(440,550,650)electrical diagnostics
    4-tec SC rebuild/uprade with SC specific tools
    4-tec impeller tool with pitch experience
    4-tec RXT "working knowledge"
    interior/exterior "bolt ons"
    Kawi 2 stroke 300sx,440,550sx,650 X2-sx
    engine mods(porting)with complimented upgrades.
    impeller tools with pitch experience.
    pump rebuilds/upgrades.
    interior-exterior mods/upgrades
    Carb rebuild/powertune
    All tools for above

    Harley Davidson "softtail" chassis repair/upgrade(evo & earlier)
    Evo engine teardown,diagnose,rebuild with upgrades

    I might like to mention..I like JB black label..ya know..just in case
    just drop a pm when & where

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    Home grown engineer, and professional tinkerer. 2 Strokin' Polaris's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Spring, Texas
    Matthew Haisten/ 2 Strokin' Polaris

    Houston, Texas Area

    Area of expertise is 92-2000 carbed Polaris machines. Willing to diversify if someone needs help.

    Usual tools. Engine swap under my belt, with an good variety of other mechanical experience that will apply to all internal combustion engines. PM me and we will go from there.
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    Moderator RX951's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    San Antonio, Texas
    RX951/Billie Pettis
    League City, Texas
    {Houston Area}

    Experience with:
    SeaDoo - 580, 650, 717, 787, 951 motors
    GP1200R - carbs, hull set up, motor assembly
    4-tec - Supercharger removal, engine removal & installation

    Service manuals - in my signature

    Engine removal and installation assistance - chain fall
    Engine assembly assistance - air tools, hand tools
    Impeller pitching
    Pump Tunnel reinforcement
    Bolt on performance
    Oil changing in 4-tec motors
    Seat Cover installation
    Decal installation

    I am posting this information as I am willing to help anyone with the above mentioned.
    I do not work on PWC for a living, but will help anyone as I can.

    Richard Patterson is the local Houston PWC performance shop.
    He has full services. His website is also in my signature.

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