Yea I should know this, but which tiny tach should I use for my briggs and stratton generator. I want to put one on it before it is used.

Does a B&G fire every other stroke? I believe so.

TT226NR-2C Standard Model
Used on engines with one spark firing on each revolution of the crankshaft.
1 cylinder 2 stroke (reads 1x / revolution) Briggs, Kohler and Honda type engines.
4 stroke with electronic ignition and no points.
2C can also be used on 2 cylinder engines where the cylinders fire 1X per revolution.
Note 1: Engines frequently referred to as a "4 stroke" may not be a true 4-stroke because they fire on the exhaust stroke as well – requiring a 2C.
Note 2: You cannot reset, hours will accumulate.
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TT226R-2C Same model and description as above.
Note: You can reset.
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