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    gp1300 prob - Something starting to give?

    I checked the forums, tryin to find something similar to mine, but can't be for sure. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

    Ok, had ski for 1 year with no problems.

    Yesterday, after riding for an hour or so stopped at beach for a sec. Then right after getting back on and starting the thing acted like it was in all honesty, "stopped up".
    I immediately thought, (being I don't know much about these kind of watercraft), that I had run over some debris or trash and got it stopped up. Checked back, and through grate on bottom, and nothing that I can see.
    After checking, I took it back out and cutting back and forth I thought the trash must have "come out". Needless to say, I dismissed it as fixed.

    Then today, AFTER ridding a while and cutting it off it does it again. The RPMs do go up like they should as if it's getting the fuel, but something is definately "holding it up." It makes AN AWFUL ROAR of a sound when it's doing it. But I drove it for 15 minutes, and it never got better. I parked it for prolly 30 minutes, cranked it back up and BAM - Problem gone.

    Now I have read many threads about the cats goin out - is that associated with the awful roaring sound that it makes, and vibrates something awful? Also thought that cause of maybe it did it after heating up. But like I said, wasn't doin it when it was cut off it didn't seem, just when it was restarted.

    It's still under warranty, just didn't know if that's like a 'usage wear', not covered by warranty.

    Once again, thanks guys.

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    Sounds like something like a rock is stuck behind your prop and bouncing against your pump vains

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    Welcome Dave01 !!!

    If the engine revs up but no go, or revs and vibrates when it starts to move definately sounds like something in the pump area. Do a good visual of the intake grate, prop and pump areas. Look for debris wedged, cracked/ broken pump pieces, or loose components.

    If you cant find the problem then use that warranty.

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    Welcome to the Forum Dave01.

    Yes, as WFO said.....

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    dave did you get the PM i sent to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABBOTT
    dave did you get the PM i sent to you?
    Yea sure did man. GRACIAS GRACIAS for the info!!

    Yea, I checked with a flashlight with the grate off, and then through the back but didn't see anything.

    I was reading about were some guy had the same problem when the driveshaft (Or other technical word) was stipped out at the end. Because, like I said the motor was revving just fine, and water was coming out the back but the PUSH wasn't there. Like I said, it would SLOOOWLY get up to around 40-45, but if you gunned it it would bog and make that awful ROAR/HUMMING.

    I dunno, maybe it just WAS trash. The whole deal where the Cat may stopped up is a possiblity.... I just don't want it to REALLY BREAK one SATURDAY at 12:30 when we're in the middle of the water. Guess I better bring a paddle eh?

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    The catcon is likely to disentigrate over a period of time (they all will eventually). I forgot to tell you in the PM that i had sent to you that you will need to reinforce your pump tunnel and you will also need to find out fro your dealer (where you bought the 03 from) wether or not they did the pump upgrade.

    Some leave blue dots as an indication that it was done (on the inside, near the pump tunnel), but some do not . I imagine that since it has over 30 hours on it, that it had been done because i am thinking it would have all been blown to hell and back after about 20 hours.

    there is a "how-to" about how to go about doing your tunnel reinforcement (this is not the same thing as the former Yamaha Recall by the way). There are 2 options available to you. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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