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    Wrong Wedge Install ?

    It said to add silicone around the wedge when I connected it to the pump...

    I have heard someone say you can mess up your wedge install on the silicone step.

    Can you mess up that step by putting too much or not enough....

    I think I am just paranoid about how I installed the wedge....

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    I don't use silicone at all when i run the wedge.

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    kinda hard to mess up a wedge install, unless you get too much silicone around the bailer holes and get them clogged up.

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    I had the same concerns when I installed mine without silicone. I followed Hulk's reply and don't use it. I have changed/removed my impeller about 5 times now this month and never put silicone once and everything is always fine.

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    When I change the impeller I think I'll remove the silicone.
    I lost 50 rpms when I put on the wedge and can't seem to get it back.
    Even with the power filter. I seem to be stuck at 8100 instead of the 8150. I think I might have gapped the wedge too much and the small fraction has made the pump cone bigger....

    I can only get 8150 if I do spins.
    Maybe it's just that having a 2" and lifting up an rxt makes for a 8100 rpm.

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    I think your rpm loss has more to do with the pump producing more downforce on the rear of the ski.

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    I think Thomas is dead on!

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    i use isnta-gasket on my wedge..... squeeze a bead on the wedge, slap it on and bolt it on.... when i take it off the gasket crap peels right off and then i add more when i re-assemble. easy and cheap stuff and doesn't take much.

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