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    I got my ski back.

    and it runs like shit. I gps the ski before the sc blow up and I hit 68 mph. Now it only goes 64 mph. What happened? I ran all weekend feeling like it was slower it was cuz i put the gps on it and it only did 62 at first then it went to 64. any suggestions would be cool.

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    Wait for the real guru's to respond,but I bet the first thing they say is check the oil level.

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    dealer already said that before the sc blew up. I think I screwed something up in the engine I dont know yet but my friend is killing me on his XPL not to mention the GPR guys who are hauling major leag ass at our lake. I think im going to get a new Kawasaki 4 stroker after the season is over. Im done with sea doo unless i can find out the problem, this is like the 4th time down this year. sux big time.

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    Yep, check the oil level first. What RPM's are you pulling

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    I think im going to get a new Kawasaki 4 stroker after the season is over
    I would wait until kawi releases the 2006 skis. Rumors has it that kawi is working on a SC ski that is going to give the rxp/rxt a run for the money.

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    Did the dealer pull your motor and clean the debris from the filters. Couple of guys from around here have had the motors pulled to clear out the debris? I've also learned that the local dealer aren't educated as we are on this board. Riva is 5 hours from me so I take that long drive..

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