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    peteshauling kicking ultra 150s ass

    Last year the ultra 150 was the bad boy on our lake... now peteshauling is taking over (DV8 Raaz is on the way)

    see attachment for video clip
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    bout time you posted the video

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    Come on man... Give me a break. I go on vacation and come back this..... Kick a guy in the balls why don't you. You know for a damn FACT that Cimon had major problems with his motor. So you guys go and post a video and pour more salt into his wounds. Not only is his motor in pieces by the time he got back to dock this go claiming that Frank beat his ultra... Like that was a fair race? If you look at the video.... Cimon is in the superman position and then all of the sudden lets off the throttle and climbs back onto the ultra when something goes wrong So ya, it looks like Frank kicked his a$$ when one machine lets off the gas, but don't misrepresent the situation. Frank knows damn well he can't beat that ultra when it's runing good. Cimon just couldn't figure out what his problem was and his performace kept degrading till it finally let go this weekend. Learned the hard way.

    Sure post a video of a partial run and one where someone lets off the throttle. That's not fair

    The ultra was down 1000rpm, compression was down, and his speeds were down 5-8mph and he was trying to figure out the problem. Let alone each time he tried to run things were just going worse and worse for him. Yes, it's his fault for running it, but by no way you can compare that ultra the way it running to Franks ski. Heck, a stock RXP would have beat him that day.

    I still don't know why he was stupid to keep racing when he knew there was a major problem with his boat. Heck... he actaully deserves it because I've been telling him for a week to change his rings and rebuild it. Maybe king for that day, but realistically you know there was no chance to beat that boat when it was running 100%.

    Sure Frank beat him that time, but like you seen last week he was having problems and couldn't figure out why he was loosing speed. Heck his rpms were down 1000rpm. His speeds dropped from 78 to 72 and he was trying to figure out what was wrong. One run good and the other a problem... Sure he was stupid for trying to run it and race but you know for a fact that ski wasn't running 100%.

    He was running like shit the past week and the motor had 122hours on it and it was time for a rebuild. His rings were shoot with with low compression. Running pipes, carbs on a 2 stroke with 122 hours of abuse going 77+mph for all last year and some of this is what I call pretty good for that setup and motor. It was time for a rebuild but Cimon didn't want any downtime and was stupid to keep riding it when in fact he knew he had a problem and needed to replace a few things. When the ski would run good it would run conistant 77-78 kicking every RXP's ASS out there including Franks and YOU GUYS KNOW IT. Best day it would run 79 if things were 100% on pump gas in this heat.

    Heck Franks been trying to diagnose his problems for the past weeks but still goes out there racing when his machine isn't up to par. Same with Cimon. That's plain stupid if you ask me. You can't compare ski's and performance when both machines are not up to par. It's just not a fair representation of what each machine is capable of.

    Not knocking your speeds.. that's great your going 75mph with just your minor mods. Heck, Riva's kit rocks. Congrats.. you got your money's worth but come on. Frank still has a long way's to catch up to the speeds we have our ultras running. Frank knows this.....

    Heck, mine will be ready in two weeks and I'll show you guys what it can do. Frank still hasn't been able to beat my red boat, let alone come close. I'm almost done with it and I won't make the same mistake like Cimon did to bring it out there unless it's 100%. Some days you run good, some days $hit happens. This day shit happend for my bro, but he learned a lesson.

    If you want to be king of the lake... BUY A GPR that goes 80+.... there is always someone No RXP will be king of the lake... against a GPR done up. Heck, my ultra bows down to some of those.... They are the king of the lakes till an RXP proves otherwise. Hopefully you and Frank will prove that.

    Ohh and here is a video of both machines running 100%...... Frank takes off early and gets the lead but when the ultra is runing up to par 100%... you compare the results on top end.


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    Mike Next time we will see who's the fastest- it's you and me buddy. See if you or Frank can catch up next time. I had problems all this time and now know why my machine was going like crap. i couldnt figure it out till now. Now you have the upperhand till my machine is back on the water it's down for a few. Frank or you never did beat me fair and square and you know it. I'll be back up soon in a few and there will be No mercy again. Frank and you know it you still can't touch this machine unless you spend more money and go faster. Competition is good just don't post video of stuff that you know isn;'t true

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    that ulta caught up from behind and walked him. that is hard for me to say because i have the rxp

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    Quote Originally Posted by brad2510
    that ultra caught up from behind and walked him. that is hard for me to say because i have the rxp
    Nothing wrong with a RXP, they are fast and great jet ski's. Especially Franks Stage 3 in that video. I love them.... dispite some problems, but heck we all have those once you start to tinker with these machines and push the limits.

    Our ultra's are not the typical ordinary ones you see. Frank actually cheated on that run.... he counted and before he even said go... 1 2....Frank takes off... then says 3 You can see it in the video.

    Your comparing a ski we built for the sole purpose of drag racing and top speed. We basically pushed every limit with the ultras to get there... give it some time and RXP's will be doing the same thing.

    From a dead dig on a fair race.. we would pull away a few jet ski's and once your ahead it's really hard to catch up.

    This year with more new stuff comming out for the RXP's I think things will change

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