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    Dumbest thing I have ever done.

    The wife and I got to the water this morning and realized I forgot the lanyards. So I called home and had the step daughter bring them to the lake and then to top it off I unhooked the skis not even thinking I unhooked the front strap on both skis as well, went to back them in the water and got right to the edge of the water with the trailor and the wife starts yelling so I stopped and got out of the truck and looked and seen my ski sitting on the ramp. Luckily the only thing I broke was the exit nozzle and got a few scratches on the bottom. Anyone got an exit nozzle for sale for a 99 limited. any one else do anything this dumb before so I do not feel to bad.


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    sh#t happens glad to hear that you didnot hurt to much. I took off a couple weeks ago without my life jacket/duh

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    I was leaving home and the battery in my truck was dead. I hooked cables to it and jumped it, and proceeded to the lake, figuring the 30 min drive would charge it up. Backed into the lake and not thinking turned the vehicle off, unloaded the ski, went to start the truck to pull out, DOH, battery was completely drained. Lucky for me the police patrol was nearby and got a jump from him. Loaded the ski back on and went home disappointed.

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    i think plenty of us can relate to this one, not putting your drain plugs in? i ahve done it atleats 3 times.

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    did the same thing
    trying to save time put the kids on unhooked and started to reverse
    but i had only just sprayed silicone spay on the slides and ski started to go so i kept going trying to get to the water before the ski hit
    but scraped the rice plate on the ramp
    lucky for me that after cleaning off some of the srcape marks the ski is actually quicker
    don't know wether it bent the plate a litle or of it was the dags on the great

    oh and yes have left the bungs out more than once

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    WOW I don't feel to bad now that you guys have owned up to a few things. Thanks for making me feel better now I don't have to feel like the old lady that ran through her garage door LOL


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