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    Engine code 15 ?

    Does anyone know what this means? I have a rough idle after having water in the hull. Have to give it a little gas to keep it running.

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    here you ron

    13-Pickup Coil Malfunction
    15-Engine Temperature Sensor Malfunction
    18-Throttle Position Sensor Malfunction
    19-Incorrect Battery Voltage
    22-Atmospheric Pressur Sensor Malfunction
    23-Intake Air Temperature Sensor Malfunction
    47-Slant Detection Switch Malfunction
    48-Incorrect Data Transmission
    53-Exhaust Temperature Malfunction
    54-Stepping Motor Malfunction
    55-Steering Switch Malfunction
    59-Memory Data Malfunction
    64-YPVS servomotor Malfunction
    65-Cooling Waer Temperature Sensor Malfunction
    66-Stepping Motor Stuck Closed
    67-Stepping Motor Stuck Open

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    That would make sense, the hose that broke was were i have the temp sensor located to. I got it fired up tonight after the hull had been full of water....going to put it back in the water in the morning and hopefully the idle will get better.


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