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    if my rxp had hands and feet and a baseball bat

    I think if my rxp could come in my house with a baseball bat,it would come in my office and beat the s##t out of my computer and then go after me . I go on line straight to this forum see what you guys have done
    if i dont got it im doing it,the cowling under seat just see's me coming, them hex screws start coming off bye themselves and you could hear them saying here comes that maniac again , but i answer back at them that, they sound just like every one at the lake,then they just wink and say go ahead (HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that speed bug is a hell of a motherf###er aint it .
    it just feals so good to be the one in front

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    Second place is just the first LOSER

    I wish these RXT's had TAILLIGHTS............
    there really isn't ANYTHING else to show the competition! LOL LOL

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