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    05 sponson on 04 RXP

    Has anyone installed the 05 or later sponsons on an 04 RXP? They dont seem to sit as flush?


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    Mounting system is different on 04 than 05+...

    If you choose to put 05's on using 04 hardware, you will have to line up the inserts so that they are straight...and grind a little out of the sponson back to clear...


    Swap out the mounting inserts for the bigger BRASS units that come on the 05+...You will need to remove the old inserts, slightly enlarge the hole, and install the new units...

    IF you go that route, I suggest leaving the sponsons attached and simply removing the the nuts INSIDE the hull...drill out the holes...then installt he new units witht he inserts attached to the sponson...

    Not that hard to do, just need the right parts and tools...

    But the units perform the same for stock...BUT the upgrade opens you to more aftermarket options...

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    Smile 05 sponsons on 04 rxp

    hi, i have fitted 05 sponsons to our 04 rxp.easy to do,just get your original adaptors straight using a spanner then offer 05 sponsons to will see when they are correct as they will fit up to the hull.just a little patience required to line them up.i used 2x6mm penny washers and new 6mm locknuts(stainless)on each adaptor to secure same.once lined-up just tighten up and it will seat the sponson on the adaptor

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    I tried that but there still seems to be a small gap between the hull and the sponson. the hole in the sponson is not quite as deep as that of the 04 version. did you fill the gap, it is small, with silicone?

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    I put the later style on my 04 today. just used the dremel to grind out the sponson holes a little deeper

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    Did the gap you were concerned about close up? Could you post a picture?

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    yes, deepening the sponson holes allowed the sponsons to sit closer to the hull. there is no gap any longer

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