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    Any good tips on resumes'?

    Well, this is a first for me im looking at a full time job(that deals with my major in marketing) and im just wondering if anyone has any good tips on resume's

    any help would be appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by gorilla03 View Post
    Well, this is a first for me im looking at a full time job(that deals with my major in marketing) and im just wondering if anyone has any good tips on resume's

    any help would be appreciated
    lie through your teeth! seriously though, a great cover letter goes a long way. it shows personaity, intelligence, and work ethic which goes with your education and experience.

    Here is a good link to check out for your possible interview...
    Check it out and be prepared to answer these questions because most if not all will ask them. Personally Ive been caught off guard by these and probably cost me the job that i wanted.

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    1. Cover letter is as important as the resume.

    2. Use lots of bullets. Bulleted copy gets read.

    3. Prepare yourself, hiring freezes are common right now.
    Chances are you will need more than a resume,
    you will need a contact to get a job these days.

    Head over to LINKED IN.COM
    LINKED IN is a networking site for companies and professionals, they have 30 million members and it's free. It's kind of like Facebook, but it's all business vs. social.

    Register, build your network, join some groups and seek recommendations there from people you know in the ranks of the employed.

    Here are a couple of articles about it:

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    The first thing to do is to tailor the resumes to the position you're applying for; don't just blast out boilerplate. To make it easier, create a "master" copy were you list everything, then just save copies and delete stuff that's irrelevant when you apply to a new position.

    I put the name of the position as the title, then basic contact info. Don't bother with pictures.

    Next, I read the description of the position, and figure out what skills I have that are relevant. The next section is titled "Relevant Skills," and is a bulleted list with the format "- skill name / years of experience / competency level."
    Ex: Linux system administration / 10 years / Expert

    After that, list degrees, and any special training or certifications (aside from your degrees, only list certs, etc. relevant to the position).

    The common theme is *relevant*; The person reading it will appreciate your brevity, and won't stop reading in the middle of an "Objectives and Goals" section that everyone knows is BS, anyway.

    That's pretty much it for page one. Work history demonstrating relevant experience can be listed after.

    And, as always WHO you know can be much more useful than WHAT you know (especially these days!).

    Good luck!

    Edit: Don't know if I agree with the previous comments about cover letters. Most recruiters only match a list of requirements to resumes and don't want to wade through a bunch of fluff to do it. Ditto for hiring managers that actually have a job to do (if they want to know more about you, they'll ask at the interview). Besides, they just give more opportunity to make spelling and grammar mistakes!

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    Hi. I dont know enough about PWC's to say anything useful on the majority of other threads but this I can help with.

    I second the linked in idea. I work at JPM and linked in is basically the facebook for anyone thats important here.

    Marketing should be straightforward to get your job. In dumbing it down to the basic level marketing is selling something, and cover letter and a resume are selling you to the employer. Ask friends and family for samples, tweak them all and add your own touch. Bother everyone you can to proof read and double check. Resumes should have lots of info. But you dont want them to be cluttered. Make sure it is organized. Have an objective at the top, below your name and address that is somewhat broad but still shows what you are interested in. This can be tweaked for the companies that you send your resume to. Make sure to do your research on the job and the company.

    USE CONNECTIONS - going back to linked in - Network with everyone that you can. The only way past a hiring freeze is a hook up. By network i dont mean chit chat and ask for a job. Be sensere and keep up relations with people.

    That is my 5 cents. Good luck.

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    Whats this someone is looking for employees..You can come to my body shop sand a few cars drive a little.No resume needed...Just a valid dl... Good luck out there.Funny story with all these people out of work i cant find anyone.That wants to work .Or really knows what real work is

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    Always remember that you only have one chance to make a first impression. Double and triple check your resume and cover letter for spelling and grammar. I've been in the business world for over 25 years and resumes that had errors and weren't professional looking, rarely got a second glance from me.

    Take advantage of your professors' contacts and your university's job placement center. Both are valuable sources for making contacts.

    Good luck on you job search.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amharms View Post
    The common theme is *relevant*; The person reading it will appreciate your brevity, and won't stop reading in the middle of an "Objectives and Goals" section that everyone knows is BS, anyway.
    Yes, leave out the "Objective and Goals" section. I damn near puke when I read those self serving statements that some resume consultant recommended. The only time I ever liked one of these "Objectives" was a guy who simply wrote "Objective: That you hire me."

    Along these same lines, if someone asks you in an interview something like "what is one of your faults?", don't say "I tend to work too hard" or "I am organized to a fault." This comes across as BS. Now you don't want to say "My cocaine habit" or "I am lazy as all get out." But you can admit to a fault and talk about how you work to overcome any fallibilities. For example, I might say "I can be forgetful which is why I always try not to procrastinate so that things don't fall through the cracks."

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    Short and sweet- to the point. Don't embelish too much on certain points, you might get questioned on it. Tailor the resume to the job your looking for. Objectives are a waste of ink. One page, no cover letter if you can help here. When I get resumes,write the position you want, why you are qualified for that position and the experiance/education that qualifies you for that position and referances on request. I had one guy interview for a jet mechanic job and all He could talk about is servicing medical robotic equipment. I asked Him how long He had been doing this and He replied 6 months. Needless to say His resume hit file 13. Watch out if you do get an interview, a lot of interviewers are using behavoiral based questions to find out how you handle things. I use them alot and it helps in weeding out the kooks. Good luck, it is tough right now. White collar are the first to get cut.

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    If you can back all your job experince with names and phone numbers, that always helps too.

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