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    Weird problem with ski this past weekend

    Hi all,

    Well, I installed my new Advent this week and was running around for a little bit in the creek. It was running great for the first half hour or so...then I couldn't get it over 40mph or it would act like it wanted to go then fall on it's face, go, fall on it's face, go, fall on it's face...I guess you can get the picture.

    What do you all think the problem could be...benny and I think...bad gas. It is the gas that I put in last year with stabil in it. All I added this year before going out was 5 gal of Cam 2 (104 race gas) and think this could be the problem.

    I'm using a aggressive timing cure which I'm going to turn down this weekend to a mild cure as well.

    Any thought? Carbs have been off and rebuilt...when I was out the week before with my stock ignition it didn't have any problems at all. This is a new Advent unit as well. D70 Curve set.

    Also, we checked all the cylinders and there compression is fine, so I didn't loose any cylinders.

    Thanks everyone,

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    I am wondering if it's a fuel "pressure" problem----but then again it would not have run good the first half hour like you said.

    Also sounds like it could be a timing issue with the advent, have you tried other curves?

    Hope that you find the problem soon.

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    Swap out the Advent for the stock CDI. I had a ghost problem with my Advent as well.. Had to have Advent replace mine (which they graciously did ).

    If you are still having the problem, start looking at fuel, powervalve, exhaust, etc...

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    Swap out the Advent for the stock CDI.

    And do it right away!! Don't wait...MB is around the corner and if you have to exchange the Advent you'll have to deal with the mail.

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    Yea, I know...I'm just trying to get my damn ski to 70...sheesh...this will be the second Advent...the first one ran...but, no dash/warning bells/or powervalve cycling. I'm starting to think it's a hit or miss with the will either work or it won't. What a shame....but, let me do some other testing before I cry "WOLF"!

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    Let us know how you make out i am tring my second advent as well ran for about 1 hr and just died it blew my main fuse.

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    I would still bypass fuel selector and run twin pickups,

    later cd

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    I think I've got the same problem, Steve. After putting a new cylinder in and checking everything twice to make sure I didn't mung things up I'm still suffering the "falls flat on its face" at about 40 MPH. I'm going to swap out the Advent for the stock CDI tonight and see if the problem goes away. If that's not it then it's time to start pulling apart the fuel pump and scratching my head.

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