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    HR-45, the Blair Hold Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009

    First the re-instatement of Clinton's save this.

    Basically this would make it illegal to own a firearm - any rifle with a clip or ANY pistol unless:
    *It is registered
    *You are fingerprinted
    *You supply a current Driver's License
    *You supply your Social Security #
    *You will submit to a physical & mental evaluation at any time of their choosing
    *Each update - change or ownership through private or public sale must be reported and costs $25 - Failure to do so you automatically lose the right to own a firearm and are subject up to a year in jail.
    *There is a child provision clause on page 16 section 305 stating a child-access provision. Gun must be locked and inaccessible to any child under 18.
    They would have the right to come and inspect that you are storing your gun safely away from accessibility to children and fine is punishable for up to 5 yrs. in prison.

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    You can drudge crap like this up all day long. Stuff like this gets introduced all the time but never makes it out of committee. I think it's a little too early to cry "the sky is falling" chicken little.

    Also, the AWB had not been reinstated.

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    My point in bringing this "crap" up...wasn't to say the sky is falling.

    It's to say..."do you understand the ultimate goal" and who'se goal it is?

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    As things stand right now its passage is unlikely, HOWEVER---These ban attempts are driven by political agendas, the media and liberal-created hysteria, all it will take is another Columbine or Virginia Tech and watch what the obama-nation tries to do. This is similar to how it happened in Australia, it all started with one shooting at a Port Arthur tourist spot, then the liberals use the media as a wedge against gun owners... see links below:

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    And it isn't clinton's AWB, it is different. Take a deeeeep breath. It will be okay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisrokc View Post
    And it isn't clinton's AWB, it is different. Take a deeeeep breath. It will be okay!
    You're joking...right?

    The Assault Weapons Ban signed into law by President Clinton in 1994 banned 19 types of semi-automatic military-style guns and ammunition clips with more than 10 rounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VaRedneck View Post
    It isn't the same exact bill is what I am saying. Once fact about the new bill is that it will be permanent. No expiration date.

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    Goddam SARAH BRADY........... HIPPY!!!

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