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Thread: Hydro Turf

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    Hydro Turf

    Are there any sponsors or can anyone get Hydro Turf mats for my Kawi at discount?

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    I'm trying to do hydroturf cheap too. I think I'm going to buy an uncut sheet instead of the premade layouts. Also, they have "B-stock" sheets with some blemishes for $30.

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    what kind of ski ??

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    My name is Sean and I am addicted to STXs smokeysevin's Avatar
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    Its uncut, just a sheet of it, I have ordered some of the be sheets before and they aren't that bad the one I had was fine.


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    Where was all this enthooseasm when i was looking to do the same thing? I got fed up and just paid for it- and then to have it laid down. I know you can buy sheets lots cheaper than the already made forms.If you are careful it will look just as good...
    Wish you all luck.. when you are finnished- post some pics..

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    I've got an Ultra 150...the stock mats are really slippery, so i NEED to do something about it. The kit is about 90 bucks including the rear step. Which i really should do also unless it will look wierd and not complete.

    I guess I could go the uncut route, but would be better to get a discount. If there's no sponsors, maybe we can get a group buy discount??

    I'd be the first to jump on a group buy deal if we can pull it!

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    Ill find a price for you OK.

    Give me a day or two.

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    I'm looking for black all logo

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    You get 10% off with the Green Hulk code.
    Have you looked at the APdesigns mats for th Ultra 150? They are pretty sweet

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    $68 for all black and the no logo isnt something they want to do but Ill get it done.
    I know a guy who walks the dog of the guy who works for the man that delivers the paper to the owner of HT. So Im sure I could get it done.

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