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    First Ride - FX HO

    Finally got my 06 FX HO on the lake for the first time. Went through the 1.5 hours break in period and then rode it for another hour or so. Wow! It was much more than I expected, both speed wise and turn wise. You guys that go 65+ must be half nuts! I showed 60 plus on my speedo and that was plenty for me. I did figure out while going full speed and standing that you probably shouldn't completely let off the throttle. I about went over the handlebars!

    I'm sure my family will have a lot of good times on it.


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    Good deal Cane. That maden voyage is the best one. After while you learn to bend your knees while standing, and ride the boat with your legs. At that point you will find that standing is much more demanding, yet you will be able to give greater input to the handling...not just sit there and take it. With that big boat, you will be searching for rough water in no time.

    You will feel the tops of your legs hurt the next couple of days. Walking DOWN stairs or sitting in a chair may become a little adventure, until those muscles on tops of the legs develop.

    Next time out, once you bring the boat up on plane, place one foot forward, and one back, and practice switching them back and forth. Bend your knees. Also, start figuring out how far 60 foot from the shoreline REALLY is. You figure that is the minimum distance that you should be to the shoreline while at W.O.T... which is tough in many tight areas

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