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    RXP Engine failure technicality

    Hi Guys

    I'm just curious if anyone was informed in writing by seadoo/BRP that we have to 'winterise' or 'fog' our skis. I have a 04 RXP and the rear piston has smashed the spark plug. People I have spoken to have told me that it is due to moisture. I lost my owners manual and can't remember the book stating that i had to winterise it.

    The direction I am going with this is that if i wasn't told or informed about it shouldn't Seadoo/BRP 'TECHNICALLY' be at fault? The rest of the engine bay is in pretty good nick compared to other younger skis I have seen. So its not like I just rode it and never cared for it.

    Does anyone have the manual handy to confirm this theory or is there anywhere I can Buy the 04 RXP manual? Thanks for any help guys.

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    of course.. Seadoo has it in the shop manual, and they issued multiple bulletins on Storage Procedures when storing the craft for long periods of time or over the winter.

    its just common practice no matter if u got a jetski or a boat or whatever... if you live in a seasonal location, u gotta maintain your stuff and winterize it.

    your smashed spark plug is an exhaust valve that broke and ruined the head and piston and possible the bore

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    Attached are the Storage Procedures from the 2004 RXP Operators Manual which you should have received with your ski, or could have downloaded from

    There is one sentence that says:

    It is recommended to fog the
    engine valves with BOMBARDIER
    LUBE lubricant. Contact your authorized
    Sea-Doo dealer.

    But, they don't tell you how to do it in this manual. As far as a technicality, they used the phrase "untighten the spark plugs" when they should have used the phrase "loosen the spark plugs." ... Ron

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    Thanks heaps for your help guys.

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