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    Exclamation 951 consult

    When modifing a stock 951 head what is the importance of the squish band? And whats the relation betwen squish and performance when wanting more power to the craft (seadoo RX) I've been reading Ben's post about tips and tricks for better performance and got me curious about this. What's better modifie a stock head or use an aftermarket?

    Also have another question: I have post a previos thread about performance (the persuit off speed) and since been doing some reading about speed because I just started instaling parts to the craft (seadoo rx )twin pipes , m16 reeds and intake manifolds ,rd ride plate and grate tdr water box worx sponsons 50 mm buckshot carbs (wich i remove because i thougt they are to much of a headache) and install stock ones rejeted I even got an rxx mpem installed in it but not sure about timming finally instaled a skat pump with a 16/24 not sure of the measure of the nozle ring . To be honest I'spected more from the craft (forgot to mension that the cylinders are bored to 1017cc more or less)
    Been thinking on taking it a part and begin part by part but rigth now my question is how can i know what type of skat pump do I have and since many parts for the pump are the same fot kamasaki wondering if can install a smaller prop from a stock kawa (thinking a 15/20 if it comes stock or aftermarket)
    Pretty mess right..? last ride the craft made a hardly 66.3 (was making 68.) I'm trying to do this all by myself

    Any sugestion woudl be apreciated. Thanks for reading ..

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    Properly tuned and dialed will get you 69-70 with the twins, as an RXX does this. So you have some tuning ahead of you. Pipe tuning, timing, carb, they all work together. And the sad part about two strokes are, you don't just bolt it on and immediately get perfect performance. You have to be a good tuner to know what's wrong and how to address it. Plug chops are the first place to start. What max rpms are you turning, etc.

    As far as squish, the closer the squish, the faster the flame front moves. Too close and it will detonate. I'm not sure the optimum squish for a twin pipe setup is, but .070" is good on a rec ski with no pipe(s).

    Squish can also be adjusted by the base gasket thickness, which also adjusts the port height. All this is performance relative. Everyone thinks two-stokes are easy, that's why there are only a handful of good tuners out there that can make one fly AND stay together. The latter is where the hard part comes in.

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    dont go below .070 What type of fuel you running?

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    You'll never gat speed with the RD ride plate and the grate, that setup is for rough water. using the skat pump you can use the OEM rideplate ( prefered you get it trued ) and the OEM grate. I can "almost" guarantee 1-2 mph right off..

    And you must know how to take a squish measurement, top rpm reading and a must is what exit & steering nozzle size you are using.


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