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    Fuel line bleeding?

    97 GTI, I have replaced all but two lines. The two coming off the T from the air vent I can't get to. How would I go about bleeding the air out of the new lines without wearing out the battery?
    Thanks G-Rabbit.

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    r u talking about priming the fuel system? there are a few ways to do this. i would'nt worry about the vent line you cant get to.

    one is to pressurize the fuel system via the fuel return line, you can simply blow in it or use a slight burst from a rubber tip air gun. just take it off from the carb for easy access.

    or, pull your air cleaner off of your carbs, (if you have a second person, this way helps) throttle wide open, full choke AND your hand fully covering the carb, start to crank and when your hand gets wet (wont take too long) she should be real close. continue to choke until it fires off, then wha-la.

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    with the fuel system completely assembed, leave the line off at the carb and simply blow into the tank using a hose sealed to the tank with a rag. works fine unles you have COPD or something, no risk of overpressurizing anything.

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    Thanks guys. Thats what I was looking for. Great info.

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