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    wide angle mirror?

    I have a 150 speedster SCIC and need to install a wide angle mirror for skiing. Trouble is, all the ones I find are designed to attach to a windshield. Anyone have any info on a different style that works for this type of boat?


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    I had one that suck to the boat with suction. Didn't last long before it fell off and sunk.

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    I have mine mounted to my aftermarket tower. Most tower brackets are two pieces, with one side that removes to wrap around the tower leg. If you left off that piece the resulting mounting surface is "flat" with a semicircle where the tower leg would go. You could run four strong bolts through something and mount it that way.

    Whatever you do, it will have to be strong. Big mirrors weigh a lot and they'll have lots of leverage to apply to your mounting point. Don't skimp.

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