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    RXTUSMC was waiting at the Dana Point boat launch. I pulled in and he was on standby, tried and true this man is. He throws down for the team, and a few of you will get my drift on that pass. If you find a person who is solid and you know it, that is a friend for life. "Life" being literal. He is the real deal and I will tell you this is the example of honor we should all walk. I aspire to follow such great leaders. Oh the humility of respect!

    We rig up, slip into our kits, he's the first to turn over the engine on the water, I didn't even have my lifejacket fastened. I knew that was the signal, RXTUSMC 'was' ready. It is time to go. 5 MPH out of the harbor. The sky overhead loomed mysterious, gray, fine high lines of currents molding the cloud cover. When looking towards heaven it indeed looked cold, a bitter winter cold.

    The reality is the drift of air was lukewarm, mild and deceiving. It was so warm I was wearing a 1 mil wetsuit with no top cover, just a rash guard. It is February, and it is warm here in Socal, another mystery I'm not real comfortable with.

    My training partner today is no twinky. RXTUSMC is a big boy, you look at him and the first thought is probably 'Golden Gloves', or perhaps 'Pit Bull', or maybe 'Bruiser'. But you can call him Mike Alpha. If you dare.

    You see we run the Alphabet in our crew. As of yesterday anyhow, its the current running theme of rank humor adopted from Mike Golf. Another leftover throwback from the Corps, we run the sidelines of not being players but playing the game for no prisoners. That translation means this PWCoffshore team, truly are victors, on all fronts. Even the collectibles we bring into the fold.

    Collectible Mike Alpha has shifted his body language on offshore riding. He finally found his groove on the Sea Doo. This Alpha has his body position in the right mode of effective forward movement. The first time we rode his confidence was askew. He only needed a few simple modifications. This time around he's a champ. The difference is significant enough, I said nothing. The only thing he needs updated now is a throttle lever change. Then we'll mix up the next transition. Steady as she goes, the next assault will notch upwards.

    We clip down south on a smooth sea, heaving over nothing in particular its a fast rampage. I mix up the training trying to put a spin on my handle grip for strength. I need to get leg burn going and prime my aged knees. The twin domes of San Onofre's nuclear power plant glint through the hazy coastline. The ocean makes the earthline appear lethargic. The sun never breaks through the cloud cover. It yields a paused hesitation and a mild hope that never arrive. We continue down to the Camp Pendleton shoreline ahead.

    A quick stop and talk shop, watching recreational riders wave hopping in the distance, we turn back around. The reverse appears to be a much faster transit. I only find one piece of trash to recover this time out. I guess everything else sunk.

    Mike Golf pulls up with the caravan. The rest of the team is going to practice the last official 'pit team training sesh'. We are now 6 days out of the Mark Hahn 300 mile endurance race. Everyone on the team gets in prime mode. Romeo Charlie in classic Aztec style dons the secondary pit position. Our GAS MAN is on the levers! The dump tanks are staged, quad and tote are rigged, race boat is loaded.

    The repeat performance is timed. The boys dance in unison and its classic pro style. And here I am honored to be a part of the synchronicity. I blurt out a few classic Hotel Whiskey heckles now and again, humor is a great reward for camaraderie.

    Double D calls from Hawaii. Delta Delta has kissed the skyline of reality today. We often call this due to his nomenclature 'The Ride after the Ride'. More on this later. Whenever you think your day is pitted, shift the scenery back to gratitude, it is one foundation that will and can salvage the grief of life.

    RXTUSMC, Mike Golf and of course my own Hotel Whiskey dip into the 'Ride Before, During and After the Ride'. There is a lot of truth exchanged between 3 unique Alphabets. Life is not always at it seems on appearance only, but I will tell you that the character is the measure of any man or woman at the end of every day. And I do believe this is something one can learn only if there is heart and soul deep enough to see beyond possibilities. Some possibilities need to be expanded into the hard core truth of realities.

    I think I get it.

    A, B, C, countdown to 26 and the finale: Now what do you think of me?

    I say pull throttle baby, port and starboard, fully loaded pump and a steady keel.

    Tip of the Bow baby...everyone is struggling in the wake.

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    All I can say right now is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

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