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    OP plate & R&D scoop???

    I've got a 94 750sl. I put the OP ocean plate on and now it handles great in the chop. I've lost 5 mph off the top and wonder how much more I'll loose if I add the R&D scoop. I read somewhere about using the 650 grate because it didn't take as much off the top end & hooked up just as well as the 750 scoop.

    Anyone using this setup or combo?

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    The intake isn't going to cost you any more speed than the Ocean plate has already.

    Get the grate.

    Most of us are using some form of that set up. It works!!!!

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    That is the BEST combo to use on the older Polaris!

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    Yup, that is what I am running also. Combo can't be beat. If you want you can add sponsons, which I added also.

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