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    Well so much for just replacing those oil seals got home last night started working on my pump and realized the pump had a chunk missing out of the vain. So i ordered everything i need to switch to the 05 pump question is how do i press the new bearing into the pump does any one have pics on what to do and were to press to put the new pump together? Thanks 01gpr

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    A vise worked for me too. just make sure you install them right not only is the inside differant but you have to install them with the numbers (front of bearing) right. Make sure you look at your manual first.

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    A vice is a great way to put those bearings in a little crooked trashing many components.

    Be very, very, very, very, very, bery, very, careful. It must be straight. You may not see the damage till monts later.... wear ring, housing, splines, shaft(s).

    If you have a buddy with a press, I'd highly advise it. Harbor frieght has the economy models on sale all the time for $100 or so. Maybe split the cost with a friend???

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