For Immediate Release:
February 18, 2009
Awarded to AWA H2O Responder-IJSBA Water Safety Director
Each year the National Water Safety Congress (NWSC) presents awards at the “International Boating and Water Safety Summit” to selected individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to water safety during the previous year. The National Water Safety Congress has an extensive award program to recognize those people who contribute to the safety of everyone who enjoys water recreation.
The National Water Safety Congress is committed to take leadership in advancing the promotion of education for the safety of recreational water activities throughout the United States and internationally by addressing water related recreation accidents and drowning throughout the nation. In a letter addressed to Shawn Alladio:
“It is my pleasure to inform you that the National Water Safety Congress intends to present you its Award of Merit at the 13th Annual International Boating and Water Safety Summit in Palm Harbor, Florida on Tuesday, April 21st at a special invitation luncheon.
This award recognizesyour continuing efforts to train first responders of boating and water related accidents involving property damage, injuries and deaths involving recreational boaters and other users of the nation’s waterways.
K38’s training programs have become the standard for water rescue utilizing personal watercraft. And through your personal and selfless devotion in developing and openly sharing new and evolving emergency rescue techniques involving personal watercraft, many lives have been saved and tragedies averted.
On behalf of the agencies that have been, and will be the beneficiaries of your training and experience, the recreational boating public and the water safety and rescue personnel you’ve worked with, your dedication and devotion to the public’s safety is appreciated by the Congress and more importantly the families, children and others who will be safer in the future due to your efforts and the results they are achieving. Thank you on behalf of the National Water Safety Congress for all you do to make our waters safer.”
Shawn is also a past recipient of additional prestigious National Water Safety Congress awards:
Regional Award
Nations Award

For more information on the National Water Safety Congress including information on the Summit in Panama City Beach, you can go to the organization’s Internet web site located at


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