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    Waveventure carb problem

    Hi, I'm trying to bring back to life a 1995 Waveventure which had salted up frozen carbs.
    So i used two carbs from a Polaris 1996 sl 780 for the ski
    . We finally splashed it the other day and it bogs down when giving it gas. I added fuel with a primer pump and it came alive telling me it was starved for fuel. I stole the main jets out of the original carbs and plugged the holes in the throttle plates with screws and locktight. At this point i'd like to add a restirictor on the fuel return line and see if it makes a difference. Any help is appreciated

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    You put 38's back on it? Did you also get the fuel pump to feed them?


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    Could be an air leak on the motor causing the lean condition. Which would explain why your changes with the carbs didnt help. Need to do a pressure test or look for possibly a bad crank seal.

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