Cold in Minnesota - took the pump apart for it's first time - torque on the 13mm was about 50-60 foot pounds (20 - 25 norm) - torque on the 17 MM was about 5 lbs on the bottom 2 and 60+ on the top two - great job to the factory - the pump cone was full of grease ??? The the big shock -

The OEM impeller has thinner blades than the aftermarket ones and much thinner than the the 07 and older WTF? Good news - wear ring was in perfect shape - but I'm replaceing it with a stainless steel take out and a 15-22R impeller- after I measure thenm both . BTW the green reduction washer is slightly larger than the stock yeollow rxp.

Maybe old stuff to some of you - turn the key and kind people might enjoy


6" on new snow today ;-(

Happy riding