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Thread: Buying a GP12

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    Buying a GP12

    I may buy a 02 gp12 with about 90 hrs and would like some input. Let me first say(for what it's worth) I"ve been riding doos for 10 years, so I know my way around a ski.

    I guess my biggest concern is what I hear about this motor dropping valves is it worth the Riva gas upgrade or am I safe with those clips that Riva sells? Also is it worth swaping the cat out for the "D" plate? I would do some light mods FA"s, ride plate,grate bla bla bla
    overall is this a reliable ski?


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    Put the waveater clips on the valves and swap the cat for a D plate and you shouldn't have any problems.

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    YES--it is reliable and the valve thing is very rare that you are talking about. You can always get the gas valves but those too can be a headache due to common leaking among them.

    The stock servo motor and valves should work for a very very long time and with no issues .

    There are several good mods to do that are relatively easy to do.

    1) D-Plate
    2) Grate (2-bar)
    3) Aftermarket Plate With Angle Mods
    4) Aftermarket Sponsons (or stepped stock ones)
    5) Aftermarket Tabs (stockers are fine too)
    6) PPK (Pump Seal Kit)
    7) Custom Prop (pitch all depends on what your other mods are)
    8- 2005 Pump Upgrade (Calls for a Dynafly Prop rather than the Concord)

    To go a step further when you become addicted:

    1) Porting and/or Bigger Bore (You can go to 84, 86.5, and 87mm pistons on the 1200 jugs)
    2) Aftermarket carbs up to 48mm (Novi, Blackjack, Buckshot, ect...)
    3) Aftermarket Reeds (VForce, DeltaForce, ect....)
    4) Stock Head Milling and/or Aftermarket Heads all together (Stock one is Great as is)
    5) 2,3, or 4 degree Timing Keyway Advance
    4) Hull Trueing, Hole Filling
    5) Free Flow Exhaust (May not be needed- depends on other mods)

    Most of all--- Welcome to the forum!!

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    Thanks for the info. As far as mods go simple bolt on stuff is the way for me did enough of the cut heads, re-jeting, pipes bla,bla,bla. Been there done that. Look forward to learning from this forum. Thanks again!

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