2009 IJSBA - K38 Course Marshal Training Program
K38 International course Marshal attendees at IJSBA Parade of Nations

2009 K38 Certified Course Marshal Training Program
Third Annual Training Program Announced

Eight countries representing Personal Watercraft, Aquabike (Moto d' Acqua) competition events for the purpose of event management, often referred to as 'water patrol, water officials, or course marshals', have received their certification of professional development to date. These nations representatives are in good standing, and are the stewards of the 'best practices' of this type of event management.

1. Italy-1
2. Switzerland-2
3. Russia-6
4. Ukraine-5
5. Spain-1
6. USA-9
7. Poland-3
8. Japan-8

In 2009, we will again be offering the K38 Course Marshal Certification program in the month of October for those who attend the IJSBA World Finals and the K38 International PWC Safety Summit proceedings. The certification is valid for a period of 3 years from date of issue upon successful completion of the training program.

Next available training program:

K38 International
Dates: October 7-18th, 2009. K38 International PWC Safety Summit.
Location: City of Lake Havasu, Arizona USA
Host: International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA)

Recommended pre-requisite: K38 Open Rescue Boat Course, CPR, previous event management, or what is required by your administrative associate governing body for competition.


The International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) is the worldwide sanctioning body for personal watercraft competitive racing. The IJSBA's Water Safety Director, Shawn Alladio will oversee the Course Marshal team at World Finals. 'Our team is the best in the world by far, Joe Barron, BJ, Fabio Annigoni and myself have over 68 years combined PWC experience! When we work on the water we know instinctively what the other needs, that's synergy and balance in action', states Shawn.

This is the third year in the history of the IJSBA that certifications have been issued for the role of 'Course Marshals'. The course goals are to implement 'safe practices and standards' that will benefit staff and participants to further ensure the safety record of personal water craft events. The level of service is not only one of prevention prior to the competition through safety checks of equipment and personal gear, but coverage and response in case of need on the track.

Students will further their outreach in supervision of competition events, enforcement of rules, safety standards, responsibilities, and effectively manage the needs of an competition event. 'We will be working with other IJSBA staff members, our focus is the water, but we depend on the land crews, the flagger, scorekeepers, race director, staging, EMS, after race tech, the racers themselves they are our anchors, we are one part of the 'body race machine', says Shawn.

These folks, upon successful completion of the course and tests will join an elite group of worldwide members in our personal water craft community to bear the credential of 'Course Marshal Certified'. The course will employ the use of Kawasaki Jet Skis and K38 Rescue Boards for training for both officiating, towing, vessel recovery, or water recovery needs of downed racers.

This will be the third year our IJSBA staff will have an international appearance for our competitors at the IJSBA World Finals, members are coming from Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK, Guam, Japan, Switzerland, and the United States

IJSBA World Finals
The IJSBA World Finals, held every year since 1982 in Lake Havasu City, Arizona U.S.A., is the true focal point on the international calendar. This is the most venerable and prestigious single personal watercraft event in the world. With an invitation-only policy attracting over 750 of the world’s best personal watercraft racers, the World Finals have been the cornerstone of IJSBA racing. Racers from around the world make the pilgrimage to Lake Havasu City every October for the opportunity to make their mark on the international stage.

Please visit: www.ijsba.com

K38 Water Safety

K38 International is represented in 14 countries worldwide and have set the global standard for Personal Water Craft and Rescue Water Craft education, training and event management. K38 is partnered with the American Watercraft Association to advance boating education and awareness. Please visit our communities:


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Sponsors: K38 USA enjoys the support of Kawasaki Motors Corporation using Jet Ski watercraft for their training programs, events and competitions. Liquid Militia Clothing www.LiquidMilitia.com www.PWCoffshore.com, OTB Boots, Mustang Survival, Hydro Turf and K38 GEAR.

Boating safety information:

Arizona Game and Fish: http://www.gf.state.az.us/outdoor_re.../boating.shtml

Cal Boating DBAW: http://www.dbw.ca.gov/BoaterInfo/QuaggaLoc.aspx#Known

Nevada Department of Wildlife: http://www.ndow.org/boat/

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